Opportunities to Grow

The Community Paramedic Program enables current EMS and ambulance service personnel—as well as those new to the field—to expand their skills and career opportunities and make a profound difference in the communities where they work.  

Participating colleges and universities will offer a standardized Community Paramedic certification program that trains participants to:

  • Help individuals overcome barriers to accessing and benefiting from health services
  • Serve as advocates, facilitators, liaisons and resource coordinators
  • Provide appropriate care for emergencies, evaluation, triage, disease management, basic oral and mental health, as well as prevention
  • Mentor and empower residents, communities and health care systems to achieve positive outcomes and reach optimal wellness

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Take the Next Step in Your Career

The Community Paramedic Program introduces appealing career options for future and current EMS professionals. The structure of the training program offers different entry points, including:

  • Community Health Workers with training in community development but no clinical skills
  • Existing paramedics with some clinical skills but no training in community development
  • Other health/social service professionals looking for a career change

Participating colleges and students who graduate from the program will register with the North Central EMS Institute (NCEMSI), which is maintaining a registry and central clearinghouse for job openings.

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