Community Support Is Key

Because needs vary greatly from community to community, the program is designed to be adapted and customized wherever it is in place. The Community Healthcare Emergency Cooperative (CHEC) will help communities get the program started by identifying and bringing together local colleges, public health agencies, elected and community leaders, and others. CHEC can also help explore how to achieve support and funding for the program.

For information about the program and first steps, please contact Gary Wingrove.

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New Options for Better Health

For medical emergencies, people in rural areas dial 9-1-1 for EMTs and ambulance crews. First responders know their communities and they know how to help. They also have the potential to do much more for rural residents—who often live too far from basic health services. 

That’s the idea behind the Community Paramedic Program. It brings more health care services to people in rural and remote areas by adding to the skills of emergency medical professionals.  

When not responding to emergencies, Community Paramedics can help people manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and prevent disease and illness through immunizations and screenings. They can provide information and counseling about ways to care for themselves and their families.

Community Paramedics can be the eyes, ears and voices of residents—looking out for problems and finding solutions. With their help, residents can have a consistent, convenient source of care from experts, that not only know what they are doing but who care because they live in the community too.

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