The Community Healthcare and Emergency Cooperative (CHEC) formed in July 2007 to address critical health care shortages in rural and remote areas—specifically by developing a new community health provider model.

From this partnership, the Community Paramedic Program emerged. CHEC members based the Community Paramedic model on the best practices of similar initiatives around the world, including the Alaska Community Health Aide, the Nova Scotia Community Paramedic model and the Australia Rural and Remote Paramedic Program.

CHEC has a standardized training curriculum that is consistent internationally, yet can be modified and customized for each community, province and nation.

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CHEC Benefits From the Dedication and Talents of Diverse Partners:

The Community Paramedic Program is built on the Rural and Frontier EMS Agenda of the Future—a 2004 report that describes an optimal future for rural EMS, as well as the changes required to achieve that vision. It is also supported by the International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine (IRCP).

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